Friday, 11 December 2009

Hello everybody,
I got my mini from Ebony,gorgeous,i made a video,you can see it on my youtube-channel
(part 1 and 2)Have fun and enjoy
have a nice weekend
warm hugs

Monday, 7 December 2009

Just to let you know...

Hey everyone,
Here in Belgium the waether is very bad,warm/cold(0-6°C) wet(all the time it's raining),not good for people whom have some illness like me.
Beiing optimistic is the only thing you can do to have a nice day.Be happy,enjoy your life,making cards or so,enjoy your family,God's Word.....that al will help you through this cold,wet days.
And i am so happy to have you all,Girls,and those men who look too, give me also some colors in my life,THANKS EVERYBODY,warm big hugs to you all

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Hello everybody,
Like you know ....i have a mini-swap with Ebony,she finally get it,so,please go on my youtube-channel and enjoy....
big warm hugs

Friday, 13 November 2009

Red head

Yes,i did it again....hahaha i am red again,
big warm hugs
and have a great weekend for everyone,

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Hey everybody

How are you today?
I am finnaly ready with all my projects;
*2 wedding-cards
*a mini-swap that is his wyay to Australia(Ebony,i hope you like it)
*and finnaly my big big big project i made for some friends who are goiing to Russia for 3 month and than to Spain for maybe 1 year.
We are gone miss them very much and i made a big-album like a mini-album,to remember us all (about 80 people)
It was a big challenge and it cost me 1 month to work on,much pain and swet....
I will do some photo's from the wedding-cards and as soon as Ebony get her mini and my friends get there big-supprice,i will do the video on youtube (NatalieBramasole) and if i can,a slide-show here on my blog.
Thank you al l for visiting my blog en please become a follower
Big warm hugs,

Sunday, 8 November 2009