Wednesday, 1 April 2015

I had to change the blog.
New blog you find here:

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Had made today onother two spoons or spatula to special beautiful gifts to hang,and also made a little change on the black one from yesterday :) I like them so i hope you too :) Have a very very nice day.

Just let me know if you also want some beautiful gifts to buy ,you can choose between al my Art,i make it personelly,a gift for you or for your friends and family,just give me an e-mail........

Friday, 15 November 2013

Hey there,
I made from a old spatula and a woden spoon a nice hanging thing,don't know how to call it :) something nice as a gift to someone special maybe? :)
here they are :)

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Some new cards and paintings,enjoy???
If you would like to buy something,just let me know : :) thank you :):):)
It could me you know some,but anyway :) :) :)
I never make the same cards,thougt they are similar,so just give me your favorite colors or that from whom get the card and i will make it,give me just two to three day's and it is ready to send. Prices are different,a normal (well normal,hihi) it will cost about 20 €,it deepend how big it will be,a bookcard is about 38 €,everything will ship very carefully,and the price international is about 17.5€ and national it will be 9.5€,i can combine cards for shipping and the shipment will be the same(sorry if it is a bit higher but i can't do it different because they are so fragile!
If you to my Youtube-channel : Natalie Düker or NatalieBramasole,you can see a video with some exsamples of bookcards,just look,and you can decide wich kind you would like in your colors(i always recomand colors that combines with your interrieur :)
I also make classeurs,euhm,pockets...for recepies,addresses and phonenumpers,something you want to order in a pocket ,very very usefull

Have a nice day and be blessed :)
Yours sincerily