Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Making a Rose and some leaves and a little book,Enjoy !!!!


  1. Natalie, you do beautiful work. I see you here, on the scrapbeach and youtube. I have begun to upload some photos on the scrapbeachand will update my blog. Please leave a comment. Because of you, I have ordered a template to try the bookatrix! Will let you know how it goes. TFS.

  2. I love working with the polymer clay. I literally have a drawer full of it that I haven't used seems like in a couple of years. I used to decorate ink pens and give as gifts. Anytime I invite someone to my home I always give a gift of some sort. Just a token of thank you for coming over. Of course to the ones I invite over. A couple of times I thaught about using it in scrapbooking now you have inspired me Natlie. Thank you so much.